The Holidays

At 12:45am, Tuesday January 5, 2016, Josh declared The Holidays over. Inhale. Exhale.

For us “The Holidays” run from Halloween through January 4. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Josh’s Birthday, Christmas, New Years and my birthday. The Holidays.

The Holidays begin in the middle of our season at High Hill Ranch/Apple Hill. By the wee hours of the morning of January 5, we are.done.celebrating.


The refrigerator is cleaned out and filled with all kinds of natural good-for-us foods. We have “no alarm” mornings. We take more walks. We get out more. Catch up on movies and television shows.

Josh goes off to work, usually six day work-weeks. I am home designing and working at the bench. Josh squeezes bench time in when he can…and on Sundays…if we don’t have a list of things to do.

It is a lifestyle different than most. From January through August we are working at everything pertaining to Kewish Designs. September through December we are selling our art and celebrating The Holidays.

It is a lifestyle different than most. It is even different than other artists. Having two individuals working on art with one having a full-time-with-over-time job. One car. The car goes with the full-time job person. This leaves the other (me) at home working with rare chances to get  out. We are different. It is difficult to explain to family, even harder to explain to associates. Close friends get it and go along for the ride.

No complaints! It is a curious and unique lifestyle. Even as I write this I am aware that it is “only” 305 days until Halloween 2016…and 227 days until we open again at High Hill Ranch.

tick tick tick

Currently I am spending my time thinking about designs and doodling out ideas. I’m stuck on the idea of “serenity” and am asking myself “what would a serene piece of jewelry look like?” I don’t know… but I seem to be drawing a lot of delicate flowers with tiny butterflies.

idea sketch

Just some sketchy ideas. I never know what is going to happen once I sit down at the bench.

It is time. To sit down again and create. The Holidays are over and I have had my holiday.

Let’s see what happens!


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