Exhale and be quiet

Seven days a week for 16 weeks. Give or take a day here and there. Even the days off are full of work and ideas. Days off are also full of problem solving and wondering what is going on with the vendor down the row.


High Hill Ranch Pie House above with the Craft Gallery below. We have an indoor space for 16 weeks during the “Apple Hill” season.

The days are full of everything imaginable. Everything. From happy customers to children having temper tantrums. People who walk by and don’t notice, people who walk by –  look with a scowl and then leave saying “Beautiful Work!” (those always confuse me). Return customers who are every-so-happy that we are right where they left us last year! New customers who are amazed and can’t decide what to buy. Pieces that languish for 16 weeks only to be discovered on the LAST day and “Ohmygod that is perfect for her…” “Perfection” just waiting to be discovered. Children with sticky caramel fingers wanting to touch every.piece.they.can.reach.  Horses, dogs, lizards, snakes, geese and ducks. Everything.

The show we do from the end of August to mid-December is a huge undertaking. Not only in having pieces for sale, but also having the mental fortitude (“grit”) to keep it all moving in a positive direction.

It is rewarding and satisfying. It is exhausting and frustrating. It is long hours and disappointing days. It is long hours with exciting sales. It is baking in the heat and freezing in the cold. It is sitting in a beautiful location and being grateful for such a gorgeous break room. It is fighting crowds to just get to the long line at the bathroom. It is bonding with other artist/vendors…and then they are gone for their next show.


View of the “break room” !!

Gypsies all of us. A lifestyle different and confusing to others.

It is what it is. We accept it and run with it. We love it.

And now we have completed the time…and our tiny apartment is FULL of excitement and potential for our next steps. It is also full of boxes for organizing, stuff, and new things. I’m not really sure WHAT is in some of the mounds. Excavating will occur over the next few days.

Josh reminds me that he has a commission piece to work on. I look over at the studio space. There literally is NO ROOM for him to work. I have to switch cleaning/organizing priorities so that he can get into the space to work!

First – I have to remind myself to STOP and exhale, put my feet up, and relax. I have to be okay with spending some time alone and let the mental dust settle. So many projects, from domestic organization to actual art pieces, and I really need to just stop. Settle. See what comes up. I’m usually surprised at the new ideas that surface – “Where did THAT come from?” and “How can I accomplish that?”…

I’m always surprised.

But I can’t be surprised unless I stop, put my feet up and exhale.

What is next?


2 thoughts on “Exhale and be quiet

  1. Absolutely the most wonderful thing ive read since forever!! Awesome work Lisa!! I am really going to misd seeing you each day!! Love yu my ftiend,!!!

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