Kewish Designs is open on Etsy!!! <—— the link

In 2009 we opened an Etsy shop. We had a few sales, picked up some likes and followers…and then Etsy became not fun. To be seen one had to massage posts, join groups, re-list, pay to be seen on the front page… and so forth. I wanted to be at the bench making things and not sitting massaging Etsy.

We allowed the account to dim … we moved on.

Last year we had a very successful campaign using Square Market for a flash sale….great! And then… Square Market did an “upgrade” to be a more vibrant online ecommerce site. There are glitches and to make a long story short – I am not pleased with the glitch update.

I trolled through Shopify, decided to try the 14 day trial. I found Shopify annoying. So I canceled that account (and am now being inundated with emails and phone calls from Shopify customer support… “What’s wrong???” I’m ignoring them).

I just want an easy clean way to list items for sale. I just want an easy place for people to go to and buy our work.

Etsy. I came back to Etsy. It is user friendly, easy, clean … exactly what I wanted.

Not only that…NOW customers ask us “Are you on Etsy?” with bright eyes and a hopeful look… We hate to say “no” because it really brings down the energy…

NOW…we can answer “YES! Kewish Designs is on Etsy!”

I don’t need to massage listings and spend a lot of time doing things to be seen. We are already being seen and now we have a place to send people.

As of this writing, I have about 30 items listed…and more to come. The store is open. Check it out now…tomorrow…and month from now…anytime. We will always have a representation of our work online now.

The item descriptions are sparse – I’m just shy of writing things like “It’s gorgeous, buy it, you’ll love it”… maybe I will do that now and again… for now things are up (the FIRE!) part…

The link again: Kewish Designs on Etsy

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